Firman Early Childhood Learning Center West (ECLC West) is the oldest Child Care center of the Agency. Established in 1962 as a supportive services unit of the Robert Taylor Public Housing, ECLC West has transitioned four generations of children to Chicago Public Schools. ECLC West is a comprehensive child development program that serves children from 2 to age 5 and their families. It is a child-focused program that endeavors to increase the school readiness of young children

In addition to providing education and early childhood development, our program also provides medical, dental, mental health, and nutrition services. There are many opportunities for parent involvement. We maintain a “feeder” relationship with Beethoven Elementary School. About fifty per cent (50%) of our children transition to Beethoven each year. For more information and to enroll, please call our Eligibility Unit at 773-373-2083.

Firman’s Early Childhood Learning Center West is exploding with wonderful programs that provide children with an equal opportunity to succeed. Our programs includes, but are not limited to:

• Learning thru the Creative Curriculum (fun ways to learn reading, writing, numbers, music, and art);
• Nutrition (breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack);
• Parental Involvement (parent meetings, workshops, and field trips);
• Social Services (referral and emergency services);
• Foreign Language (Spanish); and
• Computer Literacy.
Firman’s Early Childhood Learning Center West staff are committed and uniquely qualified early childhood professionals who provide children with proper guidance and instruction. The quality of our care is directly related to the standards of excellence we maintain in hiring our staff.

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