This department is an all encompassing communications, marketing, fundraising, and public relations entity. It is responsible for the management of Firman Community Services' fundraising activities, writing of grant proposals, issuance of public statements, the Food Pantry, Emergency Clothing distribution, external/internal affairs, the media, and advocacy activities.

• Managed Firman's WebPages: Firman's Children Services received over 100   inquiries in response to the infomercial aired on Chicago Access FYI 27.
• Hosted an entire season of "The Firman Forum" on HOTLINE 21 which featured managerial   representatives from Chicago Public Schools, Clerk for the Circuit Court of Cook County, Greater   Chicago Food Depository, Chicago Housing Authority, and the Illinois Hunger Coalition.
Mr. Abrams, Executive Vice President and Ms. Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County on the Firman Forum TV Program.
Firman Community Services helped to teach, inspire, empower, change and improve lives. In starting the new millennium, we will continue to help those in need. We all must challenge ourselves to continue "the caring" and with your assistance, dedication and encouragement, Firman will continue to succor our constituents to acquire a better life for themselves and continue its ongoing mission, to focus on children and families, well into the next millennium. Always remember, "The Children Today, Our World Tomorrow."