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Founded in 1872 Firman Community Services is a multifaceted human service agency. We offer an array of supportive human services for “at-risk” children and families.

Our dedicated professional staff and volunteers strive to provide holistic human services that are community based and designed to further the development of “at-risk” children and families that we serve toward a more positive lifestyle.

Firman's motto is "The Children Today, Our World Tomorrow."

Therefore, we invite you to review our website and join Firman Community Services’ efforts to enlighten, educate and empower.

We need your help therefore; we hope that after reviewing our website you are inspired to join us in our steadfast efforts, to change the lives of “at-risk” children and families.

We are privileged to be an organization with a history of helping children and families to realize their long term goals via innovative programs and services throughout the greater Chicagoland and Cook county suburban communities.


Donations For Us

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Firman's External Affairs staff is available in each of the program areas of Firman to assist you with ways to give to Firman Community Services.


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